July 1853 service list

From the 17 July 1853 issue of the Minsk Vedomosti. (Special insert without page numbers located after Issue Number 29 in the microfilm edition of the bound volumes.)

List of persons subject to service to the Minsk guberniya corporation department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

[Original column headings]
Number in line; Number on revision list; First name, patronymic, surname; Age; Notes from public record on the recruit.

[File column headings]
[Town (draft zone); religion/class; line #; revision #; first name; patronymic; surname; age; relationship to parties with same number; violation]

Surname list: Abramovich Belnick Bir Boneventurev Bril Bronya Dubershtejn Epshtejn Fadeev Fain Fidlon Fischkin Goldin Grinshpon Gutman Isaakov Isakov Kaplan Khayutin Krolbejn Kubatzkij Kugel Kuper Lapkovskij Lejbov Levitas Matusevich Medvich Mejzels Milashevskij Morgolin Psakov Reks Rumanov Solomonov Tarasov Tzejtlin Tzekhanov Vekhterman Vigderchik Zajneg Zisman

1. "na" means "not applicable."
2. I try to use a very simple, mechanical, consistent transcription system, so that you can use an automated system to translate everything back into Cyrillic. Unfortunately, that makes same names look weird in Roman alphabet letters. Clue: when in doubt, pretend the letter "j" is an "i."
3. I can't swear that I've translated the title of this list correctly. The Russian says, "Spisok litzam svobodnikh podatnikh soslovij Minskoj guberniya vedomstva Ministerstva Vnuterennikh Del."

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