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Real Live Human Help

If you simply want to get some information from old records and have no interest in learning to read them yourself, you might consider hiring a professional translator. Here are some translators who have demonstrated their interest in Jewish genealogy by hanging out on JewishGen.

David Goldman is a translator living in the New York area who is a longtime participant in JewishGen mailing lists. He can handle Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish and other languages. He might also be able to look up information in the Minsk, Kiev and Warsaw vedomosti (official newspapers) at the New York Public Library, but keep in mind that there are no indexes. Looking up one individual family could take a trillion years, until there are indexes.

Vitaly Charny is a native of Belarus who has done a ton of Russian-to-English translations that have been posted *for free* on JewishGen, out of the kindness of his heart. He can handle Russian, Belarusian, etc. I'm not sure, but maybe he can also work with the microfilms at the Mormon Family History Centers.

Yuri Shcherbina is a native speaker of Russian who lives in Los Angeles. He has contributed about 85 percent of the many translations on the Litvak SIG, and he has also done indexes for Bobruisk and other communities. In addition to Russian, he can handle Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish, and he lives near a big FHC, so he can definitely help you with FHC microfilms.



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