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* Most articles, verbs, pronouns, common nouns, etc. were excluded from the list of search terms.

* STOP WORDS are words that seem to be extremely common on all or many of my Web pages. Example: If you're relative was named Avram, and you don't see the name Avram here, that's because EVERYBODY back then seemed to be named Avram. It's just not a useful search term.

* Entries marked MANY are words that are extremely common in one or two of my pages and rare in others.

* Originally, I incorporated a complicated system that was supposed to tell people roughly where a word appeared in my files. But this system did not seem to be especially useful, and generating the numbers was too hard, so I've dropped it. In general, if a word apppears in a particular file many times, I have left several different identical entries for that name and file in the index. But, sometimes, if a term appears in a file two zillion times, I deleted all but one reference. In the future, if I can figure out how to automate the process, I will probably delete multiple references for the same name (such as "Dovid) to the same file.

* Originally, I broke up my index into smaller sections, for the sake of users with slow Internet connections and short attention spans. But breaking up the index turned out to be a pain in the neck, and some of the smaller sections were all messed up. This feature is suspended while I figure out a better method for breaking the file into smaller subfiles. The smaller files are still where they used to be, but I accidentally deleted the page that gave the hyperlinks for those files.

* This index is not copyrighted in any way. Please feel free to download it, reorganize it and set up your own index Web sites. If you put up any kind of reasonably tasteful version of this index of your own, I'll be happy to put a link to it on my page.

* This file is huge and poorly proof-read. I might get up the energy to fix the errors, but maybe not. Similarly, the likelihood that I'll add new files I make to this index depends on my mood and energy level. Harsh criticism will not improve my energy level.

* You can read this with Lynx, Netscape and Internet Explorer, but Lynx and Netscape seem to work better than Explorer, for some reason.

A.L. Bell
Kansas City, Missouri
4 July 2000