August 1876 Minsk Gubernya Draft Notice

From the 28 August 1876 edition of the Minsk Vedomosti. Issue number 34, page 502.

List of Names

of persons, included in the call-up and subject to conscription in 1876.

1st call-up sector

Additions and changes in the first call-up sector in the Bobruisk district for military service

2nd call-up sector

3rd call-up sector

4th call-up sector Additions and changes


1. I used a semicolon and a space as the "delimiter," or set of characters, separating the fields of data in this file. That makes the file look really ugly, but it should help you import the data into Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, or some other spreadsheet program, if you're into that kind of thing. Just import the list of men and delete the subheadings, and, voila, you have your own 1876 draft notice database!

2. The fields are community; religion; surname; first name; and patronymic. The original is formatted a little bit differently, but this formatting should make it a little easier for you to manipulate the data when you put it in a spreadsheet program. If you alphabetize the entries by surname, for example, you'll still know which guys were born in which cities.

3. An "Old Believer," or "Staroobryadetz," was a person who practiced a slightly archaic version of the standard Russian Orthodox religion. The actual doctrinal differences were very small, but apparently they got people all riled up, anyway.

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