From the 25 September 1876 issue of the Minsk Vedomosti, page 568. 

of a call to comply with the draft

The Rechitsa District conscription office announces that the current drive to call up young men for military service will be in operation on the days listed below:

- In the 1st call-up district, in the city of Rechitsa, 16 November.
- In the 2nd call-up district, in the town of Bragin, 11 November.
- In the 3rd call-up district, in the town of Yurevich, 6 November.
- In the 4th call-up district, in the village of Domanovichi, 1 November.

On the days listed at the call-up posts mentioned above, the following persons should appear:

1) Persons whose increase in service obligations will be set at the review, under sections 109 and 112 of the Code on conscription;

2) Those subject, under sections 158, 217 and 218 of the state Code on conscription, to service outside the requirements of the draft lottery system;

3) Those who have received deferments from the coming call-up; and

4) All designated for exclusion from the current call-up list, including:

a) Persons study to be priests in the Orthodox service and in other friendly Christian confessions, as well as Orthodox sextons;

b) Those studying in educational institutions permitted by the Office to grant deferments until graduation;

c) Persons receiving deferments because of a finding by the conscription court that they are under contract with the merchant marine; and

d) Persons using the privileges of the First Rank.*

* I think this refers to exemptions accorded to the nobility, the very wealthy and other special classes of citizens.

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