Selected Rozovskijs from the 1906 Russian voter lists

Mozyr, Bobruisk, Rechitsa and many other communities printed enormous lists of eligible voters in the November 1906 issues of the Minsk Vedomosti, the official newspaper for the Russian Empire region known as the "Minsk Gubernya." The lists appear on Reel 109 and Reel 110 of the microfilm edition of the Vedomosti published by Norman Ross Publishing.

Thanks to Gladys Paulin, you can find the list for the Rechitsa district online at the JewishGen Belarus SIG. Belarus SIG transcribers are trying to put the other lists online, but the other lists are gigantic. Maybe 30,000 names. So, if you want to see the list for your favorite communiy, you may have to break down and pay Norman Ross $200 for Reel 109 and Reel 110.

I recently had time to look at about half of the lists. Here are some entries that happen to mention the surname ROZOVSKIJ, or some name very similar to Rozovskij.

A few given name-patronymic combinations appear here more than once. In some cases, that may be because one person was eligible to vote in more than one part of the Minsk Gubernya. No word on whether they used butterfly ballots, or whether any of them accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan.



Minsk district

Note: not sure what numbers after names mean. Wards?

Novgorod city



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