Minsk Vedomosti notices concerning the Shneersons of Lubavitch

   Translation of two legal notices from the 2 April 1877 Minsk Vedomosti,
   Page 154 in the bound volume, dealing with the finances of the 
   Shneerson family of Lubavitch:

1. Levik Boruch Shneerson

   The Orsha District Police Board announces that, in accord with a decree
   issued 17 January 1877 under Section 2089 Volume X Chapter II, for
   nonpayment by Levik Boruch Shneerson, an Orsha residents who belongs
   to the Lubavitch Hebrew community, of a money loan issued 27 October
   1859, with principal of 432 rubles 44.5 kopecks, interest of 180 rubles
   18.75 kopecks, fines of 62 rubles 12.5 kopecks, capital under
   (razsrochke??) from 1876 to 1879 96 rubles 9.75 kopecks, for a total of 818
   rubles 90.25 kopecks, a public sale will be held of real estate belonging to
   Shneerson, including a one-story wooden dwelling house with two rooms
   lying in the Orsha District, fourth ward, in the town of Lubavitch, on landing
   belonging to the sovereign town of Lubavitch, to the honorable
   descendants of the citizen Ivan Firsan, who (deeded?) to the house and
   courtyard 320 square 3.5-foot units of length, said property appraised at
   462 rubles, (by law purchased at a price below appraisal/s'
   predostavleniem prava pokupshcikam predlagat tzenu nizhe otzenki). The
   sale will be held in the Orsha District Police Board offices 2 June 1877 in a
   three-day special re-auction. Those who wish to buy the
   aforesaid property can see documents on the terms of this sale at the
   Police Board offices.

2. Shneer Nokhimov Shneerson

   The Mogilev Gubernya Board announces that, because Orsha resident
   Shneer Nokhimov Shneerson failed to pay a fire loan made by this
   government board that was backed by a lien on his house, there will be a
   sale of three-room wooden house with extensions and sheds
   located in the Orsha District, in the town of Lubavitch, on
   (vladelcheskoi owned?) land appraised at 1297 rubles. The sale will be
   held 3 June 1877, with a statutory re-auction, under the appraisal.
   Those who wish may see documents concerning the execution of this
   notice and the terms of the sale, at 6 Stole 2 Gubernya Board branch, on
   all government days.

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